How to take care of your garden in summers

grdn Gardening is a very nurturing hobby. It gives immense satisfaction when the seeds you have sown, or the cuts you have laboriously looked after, spring up and grow to a lush bounty. Having a garden that is full of healthy, luxurious plants is indeed a joy to behold. A lot of efforts go into maintaining a garden.

A person who loves his plants may feel very sorry if the garden he has looked after so well suddenly starts to face the brunt of heat and some of his plants wilt and die away due to the scorching sun. For this reason, avid gardeners begin to take some extra precautions as soon as the summer season starts. By using some simple measures and by changing your routine slightly, you can be certain to save your plants from the scorching heat of the summer sun. Here’s what you must do to take care of your plants in summer.

Water regularly- In summer, you must never forget to water your plants. Increase the frequency of watering. Make sure that the soil is not parched. You can also spray some water on the leaves so that they can remain fresh. This will also prevent them from wilting away due to the heat.

Shade- Rose plants and many other flowering plants need to be given god shade in summers. Take advise from a person at the nursery, or ask an avid gardener about which plants you need to provide shade to. The shading material, usually a thick green net, can also be purchased from a shop that sells gardening instruments.

Mulching- Mulching means putting s layer of dry leaves on the soil to protect it from direct sunlight. Thus, the soil will not get parched or cracked. It is a natural thing that happens when trees shed off their old leaves. However, if you are the one to be obsessed with clean plots and sweep away the leaves everyday, make sure you collect them and then neatly cover the plots at least in summer time.


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