How to take care of your footwear

cfe Most of us are more concerned about the care and maintenance of clothes.  We do invest plenty of time and resources in our clothes, so that they do get spoilt easily and last for a long time.  Footwear also needs effort and maintenance, especially because they undergo a lot of wear and tear by daily use. 

Care of footwear is a neglected area and is done only when the shoe becomes ugly due to discolouration by dust and dirt, or when the soles come off or the heels begin to crack.  By proper care and concern, you will be able to better look after your footwear and give it a longer life.

Get a good quality shoe rack for your shoes and sandals.  Keep the shoe rack in a place that is dry and does not receive harsh sunlight.  Stack the shoes neatly on the shoe rack rather than keeping them lying around.

Do not keep the shoes one above the other.  The shoe below gets damaged or soiled due to this.  Buy a more spacious rack or make additional space for those shoes.  Never pile up shoes on top of one another.

Make it a point to clean your shoes atleast once a week.  Shoes accumulate a lot of dirt and dust due to exposure to dirt in the surroundings.  Wipe your shoes with a dry cloth before using everyday.  Or you may undertake the cleaning ritual on a fixed day every week.

If the quality or material is such that it allows you to wash with water, then wash the surface and bottom of the shoe with soap water to remove the dirt or stain.  By and large, choose shoes that are easy to clean.

To improve the appearance of the shoe, you can get it polished everyday so that it has a lustrous and shiny appearance.

Take special care of your party wear shoes by keeping them in a clean, dry place.  Do not dance or jump wearing those shoes, as the heels may break.  Do not walk on stones or uneven surfaces wearing delicate shoes, as the wear and tear is likely to be more.


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