How to take care of your eyes

eyecare With long and tiring working hours, that too in front of the computer screen, many of us complain of eye strain. Itching in the eyes, frequent watering, stress or strain on the eyes, these are all signs that your eyes are undergoing a series of minor ailments and that they  need to be looked after well. Simple daily measures can help relieve tired eyes. Here’s how you can go about basic eye care.

Wash your eyes: Wash your eyes often with clean, cold water. Fill some water in your mouth and wash your eyes while retaining the water inside your mouth.

Use mild eye-drops: Talk to your doctor. Any good ophthalmologist or a good chemist can also suggest mild eye-cleansing drops that relieve tired eyes and clean up the eyes. Due to dust and pollution, eyes often get itchy and some mild iodine-based eye drops can relieve the itchy condition.

Wear sunglasses: Do not step out in the sun without sunglasses. Direct sunlight can also damage eyes in the long run. Make sure your shades give proper UV protection.

Read in enough light: Do not read in inadequate light. Make sure that when you read, the light source is behind you. Ideally, the light source should be kept on your left side so that there is no shadow.

Eat right: Include a lot of green leafy vegetables and carrots in your diet. Drink carrot juice. Juice of fresh wheatgrass is also beneficial. Soak five almonds overnight and eat them in the morning. Good eating habits are important especially in children to prevent eye problems in the long run.

Use rose-water, cucumber: Relax by padding your eyes with clean cotton soaked in rosewater. You can also keep freshly cut slices of cucumber on your eyes to feel relaxed and decrease the stress.


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