How to take care of your cycle

bic Cycling is a very good form of exercise.  It burns calories faster and tones the thighs, abdomen and lower body.  Bicycles generally have a lasting life if maintained well.  Caring for cycles is easy and inexpensive.  It just needs awareness and interest.

Keep your cycle in a place that is shady.  Do not keep it exposed to harsh sunlight.  Take special care during rainy season.  Get the cycle coated with anti rust solution.  Keep it in your garage and cover it with a material that does not soak water.

Dust your cycle everyday.  Do not wash it using water.  Frequent contact with water can cause the parts to rust.  Use a dry cloth and wipe off the dust regularly.  You can use a bicycle cleaner to give the cycle a polished and new appearance.

Use a toothbrush to clean the interior parts and chain.  Remove the grease in the gaps using a degreaser.  Oil the chain and other parts so that it works smoothly.  Lubricate parts of the cycle using a good oil or lubricant.

Before cycling, always check the air in the tyre.  Do no try to drive the cycle if the tyre is not filled with air or looks deflated.  It may rupture the inner tube.

Get the cycle serviced by a mechanic.  See to it that the brakes are in good working condition.  If the cycle stand is broken or loose, get it fixed.  Do not keep the cycle leaning on the wall or other vehicles for support.  It may develop scratches or dent.

Repaint your cycle once in a while to give it a new and interesting appearance.

Ride the cycle when it is bright.  This way you will avoid bumping into potholes or riding over nails or pointed objects.  Many times the tyre gets deflated due to these reasons.  Tyre can also burst if too much air is pumped into it.

Use the cycle.  Keeping it unused for long time does not mean that it will remain in excellent condition.


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