How to Take Care of Your Child Hair

childhair We adults are quite conscious about our health and hygiene. We take care of our skin, hair and other parts of body to look more beautiful. However, the children are not so much aware of these things and they neglect their beautiful aspects of body. More over it is the children who suffer from hair fall and dandruff most due to the pollution they face outside.

You as parents should always take proper care of their skin and hair. The habit of skin care, hair care and other necessary things should be trained to your children and then only they will understand the value of it and learn the way of preserving their beauty. Here are some very good tips on how to take care of your child’s hair. Check out the guidelines and help your child get healthier and shinier hair.

1. Oiling the hair with coconut oil is very much necessary to enhance the hair growth. Massage your kid’s hair with warm coconut oil or any other hair oil in a regular basis. The massage in the scalp is a very good treatment of hair.

2. Use mild shampoo to wash your kid’s hair. Apply shampoo twice in a week to keep the hair clean. You should not use shampoos that are rich in chemical content; rather mild shampoos should b preferred especially for children.

3. If your child suffers from dandruff, you have to take necessary steps to treat it. Hot oil massage following turban therapy is the beast way to treat dandruff. After keeping it for 5 minutes, wash the hair properly with shampoo.

4. Ask your child to comb the hair at least 3 times a day. Combing is very important as it improves the blood circulation of the scalp and increases hair growth. At night while going to bed, ask your child to tie knot with the hair tightly so that the hair remains in position all the night. It reduces hair fall.


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