How to take care of your child who is suffering from cold?

pcf Cold is a very common problem that attacks millions of people every year.  There is no particular season in which you can be infected by the common cold virus.  It gets very difficult to breathe and perform various regular activities competently.

Though it is a minor disease but it makes you feel uncomfortable and does not allow you to put your 100% effort in whatever thing you do.  In this article you will learn various ways through which you can fight the common cold virus and protect your child suffering from it.


Step 1

You must find out if your small child is suffering from cold.  If you do not take proper care of him initially than he may also get subjected to high fever that can be very dangerous.  By taking precautions and necessary medications in the starting of the disease, it can be cured completely and thus can save you from various troubles.

Step 2

It is better that you provide your child warm food and liquid so that the growth and action of the common cold virus is not triggered.  You can take him to the Doctor or can provide him medicines that will help reduce the virus attack on his body.  Common cold brings along fever.  So if your child’s body feels hot, you should not panic as it is natural.

Step 3

Vapor drops are available in the market which is quite effective in treating common cold.  You can get them at the nearest chemist shop or even in the supermarket.  Make sure you do not allow your child to eat ice creams or other products that are cold.

Step 4

If he’s suffering from high fever you must not let him take a bath and do not allow him to move. Provide his body complete rest so that he can get healthy again quickly.

Step 5

If the situation seems to be serious you must consult a doctor and take all the medications prescribed by him.

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