How to take care of the elderly

eld When an agile person grows old, he/she becomes irritating and fussy. They choose to believe that times have not changed and their children should also follow their route. And to top it all, if you too behave the same way as your grand parents or ageing parents, then you better keep a check on what you do.

When a person grows old, he deserves more attention than every one else in the family since they start feeling left out and try to avenge it by behaving irrationally. It’s in such situation that you need to be patient and follow some short and sweet suggestions to keep the elders happy and in turn help yourself.

Make them always feel special and honoured that they made you what you are today. And please don’t fake it as you know that it’s absolutely true that they have always fulfilled all your wishes when you were a kid and now it’s your turn to do the same thing. So give them respect even when they are totally dependent on you for everything.

Be extremely patient with your elders. The problem with our older folks is they don’t want to accept the fact that the time keeps changing and there is a vast difference between what work they did and what a job demands now. At such circumstances, they never seem to ally with your views of a hectic schedule. So you will have to make them understand your work pressure.

And believe us, old people will understand if they are made to, politely.
If you don’t approve a particular habit of your folks, then make it clear. But beware don’t force it on them. Our parents don’t like getting ordered by their kids as it hurts their vanity. So keep it subtle and simple. Make them realise that how troublesome it can get for you.

Whenever you take any important decision, involve your elders too. Sometimes their years of experience can come in handy and help you in your endeavour as well. Second, it makes your grand parents and parents feel special as you valued their suggestion even when you are grown up enough to make your own decisions. They, on their part, start thinking that they are still important to you.

Don’t ever let them feel left out. The feeling of loneliness might be quite dreading as they start thinking that it’s time they fend for themselves as their children doesn’t find them important. Always make healthy conversations with them. Trust us, the stories of their times are quite interesting so listen to them intently.

Even if you are feeling angry on them, don’t freak out. Parents don’t like being fired at by their children. Just listen to their bickering and don’t react. When they feel that they have told you everything they intended to say, they would feel at ease and might not repeat it again.
Patience, love and care is the essence

Taking care of an adult is an upheaval task. Generally, they like to stay in their time zone while your life doesn’t fit in their time. So you need three things in such circumstances; Patience. Love and Care. Be patient always and love them the way you did before you got married. Always keep a track on their health issues and make them feel special.

Our parents and grand parents have done a lot for us and so if they ask the same thing in return, we don’t think it’s too far fetched, don’t you?


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