How to take care of stray dogs

std Stray dogs do not get the comfort of being well fed and maintained as pets.  However, their needs are just as same as the household pets.  Though we may not be able to take care of street dogs, we can follow certain precautions, so that our actions do not harm the dogs or pose a threat to their health and well being.

Act with responsibility.  Since stray dogs do not belong to anyone, do not take them for granted thinking there is no one to question you.  Do not harm them thinking that you are answerable to no one.  You may not have a specific liking to dogs; however, compassion is a quality that you could cultivate.

Do not play pranks on strays.  Do not frighten them by running towards them, making horrible actions, or starling them with loud noises produced by crackers, tapping foot or other prank devices.  Do not pull their tail or ear.  Be careful especially with young puppies.  Do not hold them tightly near the chest or neck region.  Do not throw them on the ground.  Similarly, avoid bopping them on air and catching them.

Be cautious about what you feed them.  Do not experiment with what they can eat.  Do not try feeding them paper, rubber and other inconsumable items.  Do not feed them on salted chips, chocolates and sweets.  Do not make them taste carbonated soft drinks or alcohol.  Know what is a healthy diet for a dog using internet or animal books and then feed them.

Do not throw stones at them.  Do not disturb them while they are resting.  Do not throw water at them when they are asleep.  Never poke them with pointed objects and take advantage of their vulnerability.  Do not drive them away from their place of resting or stay, unless they pose a real threat to you.  Do not intimidate them by making grunting or loud noises.

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