How to Take Care of Silk Garments

People go for silk garments as they are comfortable to wear and also easy to maintain. Ilk looks gorgeous as it has a natural shine and a glow. A simple dress also looks fascinating when its fabric is silk. However, you must know the proper way to take care of your silk materials. Lack of care can damage the silk garments in the long run and can snatch the shine away. So read in to get useful tips on the maintenance of silk garments. Check out the following guidelines and keep your silk fabrics as fresh as new for a long time.

The best thing about the silk garments is that they never get crushed or wrinkled. So you can keep them together in your closet. But try to avoid plastic bags or covering when storing them. In plastic bags the materials will not be able to breathe. So keep them in cotton bags or in hangers so that they remain fresh.

If you need to iron the silk clothes ever, don’t do that directly. Direct ironing can damage the fabric. First you need to make the garment wet or damp and then apply the iron in low heat. If you iron the garment when it’s dry, the heat can damage the skin of the silk and can even melt it. Too much of should be avoided to keep your silk fabric smooth and fresh.

Prefer dry cleaning for your silk materials. Dry cleaning is suggested for silks as it keeps the material intact and while hand wash can be a little harmful, as rubbing and rinsing is not very good for silk garments. Rubbing can make the surface dry and rough. Also make sure that the silk materials are dried in cool places and not in the direct scorching sun as that may roughen the skin of the material.


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