How to Take Care of Rose Bush

Rose is regarded as the queen of flowers. It pampers your eyes with its mesmerising beauty, while its sweet aroma freshens you up. How about growing a rose bush at home and enjoying its charm to the maximum.

Rose is regarded as one of the most popular garden flower. It beautifies numerous gardens and lawns across the world. So, growing a rose bush is worth the effort. You need to ensure some personal care and they will blossom in your garden.

Things Required:

  • Pruning shears
  • Mulch – wooden sticks
  • Fertilizer
  • Organic compost

Tips For A Healthy Rose Bush

  • A rose bush needs loose soil that’s rich in nutrients. It demands lot of natural compost, manure and fertilizers. So, prepare a rich organic mixture. Mix it well with soil. Yyou need to constantly supply nutrients for healthy rose bush.
  • You need to dig a large hole in the garden and refill with the mixture before planting the rose bush.
  • Plant your rose bush at a sunny location.
  • Roses bloom in sunlight, however, occasional shade is fine. In case your have been lying in shade for long, re-plant them in an area that enjoys enough sunshine.
  • Use natural mulch like wood chips to keep away weeds. Mulch also protects the roots of rose bush. It’s a good practice especially in summers as it keeps the soil moist and warm, checking for dryness.
  • As the bush grows, add mineral supplements or formulated rose fertilizer to maintain good soil component and healthy flowering.
  • Daily water your rose bush, ensuring moist soil. But water should not stand for too long. During rainy season, don’t water the day it rains. In summers, if its too sunny, you can water twice a day.
  • In spring, prune the rose bush, especially when the initial few buds begin to swell. Pruning boosts new growth and healthy plant. Pruning also helps in maintaining the shape of the plant.


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