How to Take Care of Orchids

orc Roses may be impressive, but very few flowers can match up with orchids in terms of beauty and style. Orchids can light up any day with their multitude of colors and extravagant looks, whether you wish to send them as a token of love or a thank you message, or grow and cultivate them yourself.  However, you need to take care of orchids properly in order for the flowers to bloom the best way.

There are several variations of orchids, each with specific care needs. However, as a general rule, the tips given below will help your orchid bloom:

1. Orchids need two distinct sets of temperature to thrive. While you should keep the temperature between 75 and 85 degrees F during daytime, temperatures as low as 60 degrees F will suffice at night.

2. Water is not as essential for the growth of orchids as it is for most other plants. In fact, very little water is required for these plants.

3. Orchids need sunlight, but try keeping them shaded when the temperature is highest during the day, i.e. between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

4. Unless an orchid plant outgrows its pot, or the mixture it’s planted in gets ruined, you do not need to worry about re-potting the plant in almost 2-3 years.

5. Orchids are very low maintenance plants, thriving on sunlight and very little water. Once a month you can provide the orchid with added nourishment products like any kind of nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Unlike many other plants, orchids can be fed throughout the year.

6. Looking after orchids requires minimal effort. Once the very last flower of an orchid plant falls of, you just need to cut down the stem of the flower pike, and then seal the cut with either melted candle wax or a dash of powdered cinnamon.

Remember these tips while taking care of your orchids in order for them to remain at their best.


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