How to take care of mother’s health after pregnancy

mother Birth of a child brings a new lease of life into family. After the baby is born, family members become more concerned about the health of the baby than the mother. Even mother also starts neglecting her health. But it is important to take care of the mother too with taking care of the baby. Because after pregnancy there are lots of changes happen to the mother’s body and mind. Here are some tips how to take care of mother after pregnancy.

First, new mother should take rest as much as possible and sleep when the baby is sleeping.

Regular cleaning of the stitch area of the mother is very important.

After pregnancy mother should take good balanced diet including milk, chicken, egg, fish, fruits and vegetables. The diet should include lots of carbohydrates like oats, corn flex etc. It is good for the mother to avoid fatty food. During this time lots of calcium require for the mother’s body. Mother should have diary products as calcium supplement every day.

Emotional changes
Emotional changes are quite common after pregnancy. This is called ‘Postpartum Depression’. During this time mother needs family support. The mother should try to avoid those thoughts which make her feel unhappy and depressed. Listening good music gives mental peace. The new mother should try to spend quality time with her husband and friends. Discussing problems with other mothers can give some solutions as they are already experienced.

Post pregnancy fitness is another important thing. Regular exercise can help a lot to regain the original shape. But exercises should be chosen after consulting a doctor.  Normally the new mother can start exercises after eight weeks of her delivery. One of the best forms of exercise is walking. Walking will provide fresh air. Yogas which are specially designed for new mother can be very helpful. Aerobics an d swimming are also very good exercise for women after birth of their baby.


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