How to take care of love birds

brds Lovebirds are extremely inquisitive, curious and hyper-active birds. Their beaks are ever poking in anything new and anything that can move. They push around the food cups, empty the water cups. These are hopelessly silly and ever squeaking birds, a joy to behold.

Cage These birds have a habit to gnaw at things, so the cage wires should be hardy enough. Fancy cages made of cane do not work well for these birds. While the cage should be roomy,
love birds do not need much space and a pair can thrive in a cage which is about 2 feet wide and one and a half feet tall. Provide a next box, for them to rest and later breed in. The cage should also have a stable perch.

Food- These birds need a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. They will eat carrots, cauliflower, beans, greens like spinach, coriander, grapes, etc. Ready seed mixes are available in pet stores. However, oil-rich seeds should be given with breaks in between, for the bird tends to be bulky if not given enough exercise. You can add vitamin supplements to drinking water every fortnight or so. Fresh water must be available at all times.

Exercise: If the bird is tame enough and if you can aptly handle the bird, i.e. catch it again and all, you may let it fly in a room. Make sure that all the doors and windows are tightly shut and there is no fan, or other risky electronic item plugged in when you let your birds loose for exercise.

Toys-These birds need a lot of activity around, otherwise they will get easily bored and edgy. It is a very good idea to add up a few toys. Many items are available in pet stores, made especially keeping these birds in mind. Mirrors, bells, swings offer these birds a lot of activity in the cage. They also play around with balls. Each bird has its own unique personality and will take his own sweet time to try a new toy.


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