Like any other beautiful furniture House plants are also having their positive effect in increasing the beauty of your house. Having good looking plants in your house increases positive energy of its inhabitants.
Taking care of your house plants are as important as taking care of out door plants. Though it is not very difficult, but it requires a regular systematic care.


Choose plant which suits house environment
Try to choose house plant which requires the same environment which is available in your house. You should not choose a plant for which you need to create an artificial environment.

Choose healthy Foliage Plant
While purchasing a plant try to choose only healthy, insect free, disease free plants. Don’t purchase plants chlorotic leaves or leaves with brown margin. If it is available try to purchase plants which are having new flower and leaf buds.

Extreme care should be taken while transporting house plant from shop to house, especially in extreme summer & extreme cold. During the summer time, the plant should be transported avoiding direct sun light. During extreme cold, while transported, plant should be wrapped properly.


Light is the most important environmental factor for growth of a plant. Light provides the energy source for photosynthesis. Three factors of light is important Duration, Intensity & Quality.

Over or under watering is the major cause of loss of plant. A very frequently asked question is how often plant should be watered? But there is no hard and fast rule for that. It depends on the plant & quality of soil. Only expert grower can give better idea about that.

Humidity is also an important factor for plants to grow. Relative humidity near the plant can be increased by placing a gravel plate with water below the plant. But night should be relatively dry as cool damp weather is ideal for infection/disease.

Normally most of the house plants can tolerate normal temperature fluctuation. Extreme conditions are not good for their growth. 70 – 80 0F day time temperature and 55 – 65 0F night time temperature is good for plants. Flowers normally grow during cooler night time and it intensifies the color of the flower.

All fertilizer provides three basic elements Nitrogen, Phosphoric acid & Potassium. Fertilizer should be used as per instruction in its package.


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