How to Take Care of Golden Jewelry

Gold is the most beautiful and glittering metal used for jewelry making. Golden jewelry looks gorgeous and these are also very much affordable. Through gold, you express your love for someone and style. However, to keep the golden jewelry intact for years, you need to work hard. Taking care of the golden jewelry is very important so that the glow never fades away. Here are some useful tips that will enable you to handle the gold jewelry with care and keep them glittering for a long time. Let’s check those out.

Gold is very soft metal. So, it gets scratched very easily. Try to remove the golden jewelry, especially the ones that you wear in hand (rings, bracelets, etc), while washing clothes or doing any heavy work. Otherwise they will become dull and lose the glow.

When you store the gold jewelry, be careful. Keep them in a dry jewelry box. You can also use a soft piece of clothe to wrap it around while storing. Thus the jewelry will be protected from the external damages and they will also not get scratched easily. Don’t keep the different jewelry in one box. Rather keep them individually in separate boxed so that they don’t mix together and damage each other.

After you come back from a party or any occasion, take off the heavy golden jewelry and brush them so that no dust is left on their surface. If the soil and dust particles remain on the jewelry for long time, they will damage the metal gradually snatching away the glow.

Also keep your golden jewelry away from acids and chemicals. Chlorine is very harmful for gold. It can damage the metal and making it look dull. Some cleaning products (floor cleaner, toilet cleaner etc) contain chlorine and other acidic materials. So, keep gold away from these types of things.


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