How to Take Care of Books

bookcare Books are said to be men’s best friend. They comfort you and entertain you when your mood is down. Like any mortal friends they also need care and attention. That is why it is not enough to have good books it is also important to keep them in good condition. This article delves into the matter of how to take care of those valuable books that you are proud about. So let us take a look at the prescription to the health of books.

Storing of books is very important. It is a good idea to build a bookshelf that is spacious enough. The space should be such that you can easily take out a book. You should also keep the books in an upright position. This protects the binding of the book. Make sure that you shelf is not crammed. It pays if you can use some sort of covers to protect every book. You can go for plastics for this purpose.

Avoid eating or drinking while reading a book. Accidental spilling of food items will damage the pages or the cover of the books. Make sure that the reading table is dry enough so you can place your book without causing any damage to it.

Protection from damp and heat is also important. Both these conditions are bad for he health of your book. Too much heat causes stiffness to the pages and they can easily break.

Do not neglect any tear no matter how small it is. Remember a small tear can later turn into a big headache so attend to it as soon as possible. You can use a transparent tape that would keep the words intact.

You should also know how to hold the book. Hold it with both of your hands and put one hand under the back of the book. Some readers have this habit of folding pages. This is a strict no no. You can buy a bookmark or make one for this purpose.

Cleaning of books at regular interval is vital. It pays if you can tend to each book. Make sure that your books and the shelf are dust free. In case of leather bound books you can use conditioners. The reason behind this procedure is it protects the covers from dryness.

Follow these simple rules and you will see that your books will remain in perfect condition no matter how old they are.


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