How to Take Care of Bonsai

Bonsai is a huge tree transformed into a little one. Making bonsai is not an easy job. It is an art actually. However, the maintenance of the bonsai is also very difficult and it should not be ignored at all. Know the right steps to follow when taking care of the bonsai of your home. Some of the tricks are discussed below. Try them and keep your bonsai healthy.

These mini trees need lots of sunlight. Keep the pot of the bonsai in the open for the best result. However, if you would like to keep it in your balcony or room, make sure that gets sunlight in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Also turn the pot often so that all the sides of the tree get equal sunlight. Otherwise one certain side of the tree will develop more than the other side.

Fertilization is also very much important for the bonsai trees. At least once in every two weeks, the bonsai should be fertilized. It should be fertilized especially during the summer months and spring time.

Keep the bonsai away from pests. You should know that the bonsais are more likely to be attacked by various diseases and pests. So, you should take extra care for this reason. If you diagnose any kind of disease in your mini tree, consult an expert and tale necessary steps.

Don’t water the tree more than what is required. If you do over watering, the leaves of the bonsai can turn yellow. So, be very careful. You can also take the help of some bonsai expert to know the delicate ways to handle the tree.

If you go out of your home for some vacation, don’t leave the bonsai alone in the house. The watering and other maintenance steps should not be neglected. So, ask for the help of your neighbor or your relatives. Leave the bonsai with them so that they can take the proper care of it.


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