How to Take Care of Bamboo Plants

tcb Bamboo plants make for beautiful decorative plants both indoors and outdoors. Available in various sizes, these plants beautify the home décor no matter what size they are. Besides, bamboo being a low-maintenance plant, it is extremely easy to take care of.

All you need is to follow a few important care instructions to make your bamboo plant live long and healthy. Here are a few tips to help you take proper care of bamboo plants.

Step 1: Place the bamboo plant in a beautiful plant pot, making sure that the pot fits the size of the plant.

Step 2: Bamboo plants do not need soil, and they thrive best in a water environment. To help the plant stand in place within the pot, you can keep small pebbles or marbles in the pot. These pebbles will also enable the plant to gain full access to the water.

Step 3: Now pour water in the pot, such that the water level reaches more than halfway from the bottom. For healthy growth of the plant, you can fill the pot with rain water or filtered water. Such waters are devoid of harmful substances like chlorine or fluoride which are usually added to drinking water.

Step 4: Remove the water from your bamboo plant pot on a weekly basis or once in 10 days. Refill with clean water. Keep an eye on the water level regularly; it should always be sufficiently high for the plant’s roots to remain fully submerged.

Step 5: Add a little amount of plant fertilizer once a month in the bamboo plant pot so that the plant gets adequate supply of nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Step 6: Do not place your bamboo plant directly under the sun. These plants grow best in wet shady areas, and excessive sunlight can cause considerable damage to them. Instead, keep the bamboo plant near a window, where it would not be in direct sunlight.


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