How to take care of bamboo plant

bambooplant Tall, slender bamboo plants stands tall seasons. It will also stay healthy and green all seasons, provided its taken care of properly. Right watering


Carefully observe if they are adjusting to the environment, especially different summers. You need to be a good observer. As soon as the first sign of yellowing due to overheat occurs. Change the location of the plant. Water it at least once a day.


In winters you need to be observant about the survival of plant in cold weather. If the adequate temperature is not maintained, the bamboo plant may die. It is more prone to cold in pot than in soil. Water it twice a week.


Here comes spring and leaves turn yellow and fall. It’s a natural phenomenon. It should not be your concern. Let it renew. Just look for one sign – the bamboo plant should host a mixture of healthy green, yellow and fresh small curled leaves. Water it 3-4 times a week.


To maintain the beauty of attractive bamboo, you need to prune it over a regular period of time. As the fresh bamboo culms appear, remove the unhealthy old ones. This will make the bamboo fresh and green all through its 14-15 years of average lifespan. Remember to prune the bamboo leaves also for even manicured look. It will make the plant appear in shape.


Make neat cuts above the nodeand remember not to leave a stub, else it will die. Thinning for large culms. This will give space to new culms to come up fast.


If you want to try topiary with your bamboo plant, remove the lower branches and get the culms look prominent on the top. Allow the leaves to grow liberally.


Some vibrantly colorful species of bamboo like Castillonis and Aureocaulis look prettier if neatly trimmed at the bottom. Remove the shorter culms at the bottom and chop off the lower branches too.


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