How to take care of aged people

tcre Aged people need a happy, healthy, safe and tension free environment to live in.  Due to old age many of their movements may get reduced. 

Their lifestyle and habits may undergo a change.  For example, they may get tired easily, may not be able to undertake physical activities or walk/stand for long, may need adequate rest and sleep.

Comfort and rest is very important for the aged.  You can follow a few precautions so that elderly people can be well rested and taken care of.  They need to be physically and mentally fit, so that they can lead a happy and peaceful life.

Health is of primary importance.  Be sure to provide them a healthy and nutritious diet.  Though some aged persons may show decline in eating, small meals at regular intervals may help to keep them fit and energetic.  Include lot of whole grains, pulses, leafy vegetables, fruits and liquids in their diet.  Also consider the requirement of proteins, vitamins and minerals (especially iron and calcium).

Use more of homemade, nutritious soups like vegetable soup, tomato, carrot soup rather than relying on packed soups.  Avoid giving them food like pasta, pizza, burger, fried chips, noodles etc as they may not be able to easily digest it.  Check the intake of sodium and sugar so that they do not develop blood pressure problems.

Try to keep a minimum level of activity among them.  For example, they can chop vegetables or buy items like milk from the nearest store.  Encourage elderly to take small walks especially during morning time when the traffic and pollution is less.

Allow them to take adequate rest during daytime as well as night.  Do not put on music or television at a loud volume when they are asleep.  Aged people also may suffer from lack of sleep, and once their sleep is broken, may find it difficult to fall asleep again.  Keep the voices minimum, so that they do not get disturbed.


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