How to take care of Adenium plants

red-adenium1 Adenium is an excellent plant that thrives without much attention. It have lovely flowers, bright pink in color and with very little care, the flowers will blossom a-plenty. Its scientific name is Adenium obesum. The ‘obesum’ word in the nomenclature refers to its huge, swollen stem base. It is commonly known as Desert rose, because it is considered to be a desert plant. It is an ideal plant to grow in apartments, in pots. It can thrive and grow much bigger when planted directly in soil. Here are the few basic things you must keep in mind while taking care of your Adenium.

Good watering- Contrary to the belief that it thrives even without water, your plant’s health and the quality of its stem (from which it derives its name ‘obesum’) depends on good watering. If you stay at a place where the sun is strong and temperature goes above 90 F, it is a good idea to be generous with water. On the contrary, remember to change your watering habits in winter or monsoon, because in this season, too much of water and cold climate is likely to set in a rot in the plant. All said and done, this is a very hardy plant and you will notice it sticking to live and living on, in spite of braving adverse conditions, be it summers or rain. You may go on a month-long trip and rest assured that your plant will not wither away and die. It is for these reasons that the plant also makes for a very good gift to someone who loves gardening.

Re-potting- You must re-pot the plant just before monsoon. This will ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Fertilizers: Once in a while, give a good mix of any general fertilizer to the pot for best results.

Collecting seeds: The plant develops large pods when mature. Let these pods dry away naturally on the plant itself. After 10 -15 days, the pods will themselves break open and disperse seeds. To collect the seeds, you may tie a paper bag around the pod when it is really dry and you feel the pod is about to break anytime soon. The seeds must be planted within 15-20 days into smaller pots. When the seeds are germinating, give very little water as young plants are susceptible to rotting, unlike mature plants.


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