How to take a good interview

interview For working journalists interviewing high profile personalities is a part of their every day life. Even if it may be a routine affair, any seasoned journalist will tell you that a lot of effort goes in every single interview that a person takes. Taking interviews also gives students of communication or journalism classes the cold feet.

They become nervous when they come face to face with some high profile personalities. On the other hand, even if they may not get nervous, they may not have framed their questions well and the interview doesn’t yield anything. Here are some tips about taking an interview well.

Do your homework: Before you go for conducting any interview, do proper homework. Get to know the profile of the person to be interviewed, his most recent works, his achievements, his career graph. Also try and get some family details if that can connect to your interview in some way. Do not go to an interview and ask lame questions, the answers of which you are expected to know beforehand. Good homework makes good reporters and is the key to successful interviews.

Prepare a list of questions: It is a very good idea to prepare a series of questions that you would want to ask before going for any interview. Most seasoned journalists do this. The questions should be placed in a logical sequence and should not be haphazard. Word your questions well and leave out any ambiguity.

Ask one question at a time: Do not ask a string of questions all at once. As an interviewer, your job is to elicit information and the person’s points of view. Do not use it as an opportunity to make your concerns heard and never enter into a long, never-ending statement. You must ask questions, instead of putting forth judgments.


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