How to Tackle Whiteheads and Blackheads

heads One of the very common problems that many people around the world face is the problem of blackheads. The problem of whiteheads is also common. When the two problems exist together then it becomes very irritating to deal with them. People with combination or oily skin generally suffer from such problems. If you know how to tackle whiteheads and blackheads then you will be able to have clear and beautiful skin.

Common Skin Problems

According to doctors, the first sign of acne is the problem of whiteheads. You get whiteheads when there is excessive secretion of certain hormones that cause your pores to get blocked. If you do not have a proper routine for cleansing your skin then you are likely to suffer from whiteheads and blackheads.

If your food habits are unhealthy then you can also get the same problems. The problem can be triggered if you eat a lot of oily food stuff as well as junk food. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin with a proper scrub twice a week and wash your face with a mild face wash everyday.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Whiteheads and blackheads are almost the same but it is more difficult to get rid of whiteheads. Basically whiteheads can be found on the area around the eyes, while blackheads are seen on the T-zone comprising the chin and nose. Normally those who have dry skin do not suffer from this skin problem of whiteheads and blackheads.

To get rid of whiteheads you can use gels that have alpha-hydroxy-acids and follow a healthy diet. Do not use cosmetics that are oil based. Make sure that you keep your skin clean and oil-free at all times. If you have to step out then carry a pack of wet tissues with you. You can opt for a good facial once a month in order to remove blackheads.


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