How to Tackle Seasonal Allergy

season As if food allergy and smelling allergy are not bad enough some of us also suffer from seasonal allergy. That is why to these people the advent of a season is not particularly a moment to celebrate. If you are one of these unlucky one then this writing is for you. There are tips to tackles this illness and not get tensed without the changing season.

The Season of Problems

There might be a particular season that your body may be too sensitive to tolerate. Identify this season, unless you already know about it. The reason behind this is the allergens that affect your body are more active during these seasons. Now you cannot avoid a season but there are surely a few reasons that make the season less comfortable to you. Many people may be allergic to pollens that are mostly come to bloom in spring.


There is no way you can change the calendar but you can be wise. There are particular times in a day when the allergens are more active. Avoid these times. If you are allergic to dust then don’t venture out during a high wind that will blow the wind. Avoid going out in the morning to be safe from pollen energy. Rain often helps the dust to precipitate. You can go for a walk after a fresh rain. If you are too sensitive to cold then wear warm clothes whenever you go out.


Visit a doctor and ask his or her suggestion in this regard. You may like to keep some medicines with you for emergency. There are moments when you will have no choice but to go out. If you are a journalist you cannot give up your assignment just because you are allergic to dust. Though there are many medicines that you will get over the counter but it is always advised to consult a doctor.

Natural Remedies

There are various natural oils that you can try out. These oils will help you tolerate the allergens. You can try eucalyptus oil or those extracted from tea trees.  Include fruits enriched in Vitamin C in your diet. This will give your body a natural protection against allergies.

Try Homeopathy

It is believed that there are many medicines in Homeopathy that works wonder to patients of seasonal allergy. Some homeopathic medicines are arsenicum, eupharsia, allium, and ambrosia. These may cure illnesses like swollen eyes, running nose, and ragweed allergy.

Try these methods and we hope you will not feel so terrible when the season changes.


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