How to Tackle Baldness

baldness If you suffer from baldness then you should not lose your sleep over the problem. Tension can aggravate your condition. Therefore, you have to keep your cool and find out the solutions. Do you want to find out how to tackle baldness? If your answer is yes then you need to read on. You can follow these simple tips easily at home and keep the problem at bay.

Fenugreek Power

First of all you can use fenugreek to solve the problem of baldness. You must have heard about the beneficial properties of this herb.  You can use it in two ways to tackle baldness. First of all you can boil fenugreek seeds in water over low heat for a few minutes. Once it is cool, strain the solution and use it to wash your hair. This fenugreek solution is very good for promoting hair growth. If you stir in a little bit of garden cress pepper weed to the solution then you can also solve the problem of dandruff.

It is essential to tackle dandruff, as it one of the causes of hair loss. The second way in which you can use the seeds of fenugreek is by soaking them in some water for about four hours. After that you need to grind the seeds and use the paste as an effective and natural shampoo.

Walnut Cure

You can tackle hair loss by massaging your scalp. For a hair massage you need something like olive oil. When this oil is mixed with walnut then its property of preventing hair loss becomes stronger. You need to grind some walnut kernels and store the powder in a clean jar. You can take a small quantity of the powder and mix it with olive oil to apply on the bald patches. Make sure that you rub in the paste very gently. After some time you can shampoo off the paste. With regular use, the paste can stimulate re-growth of hair.


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