How to surf the Internet anonymously

sit Anonymity on the web is possible with anonymous browsing techniques. When you browse the Internet, other websites can easily access the IP address of your computer, and thereby get hold of your browser cache and related information.

For example, if you are searching for M.B.A institutes on the web, you might have got unsolicited mails advertising educational courses. This is but a spamming methodology adopted by spammers.

Hackers can go to further extents, by accessing your system via your IP address and finally your system’s hard drive. Hence it is imperative to stop this by using some anonymous surfing methods.

Before choosing to surf anonymously ask yourself if you want privacy from people or from the web.

Privacy from people will include hackers, from whom you will have to hide your IP address. Hackers pose the threat to steal your private data, like banking information and personal information.

Privacy from web will be to deny websites from identifying your IP address. This prevents the website from tracking your IP address. Websites sell visit-information to spammers, who take up the spamming process from there.

How to surf anonymously

Anonymous surfing is making use of a proxy server while accessing the Internet. The proxy server retrieves information on your behalf. Hence the IP address that is making the request is actually the proxy server’s and not yours.

This works on the principle of hiding your IP address. You have to be careful even when choosing a proxy server. Choose a proxy server by reading through its privacy policy and doing some research on blogs to understand its stature as a viable proxy server with other users.

How to set up a proxy for Microsoft Internet Explorer

You can set up a proxy in Internet Explorer by finding out a good proxy host. The following are the instructions to set up a proxy in IE.

1) Open Internet explorer. Click Tools – Internet Options – Click Connections tab – and then click LAN setting button.

2) Check ‘Use a proxy server……’ box

3) Copy the IP address of the proxy host and paste into the Address field

4) Copy the port number from the address list, and paste it into the Port field

5) Click OK – then click OK

Some popular proxy hosts

Proxy 4 Free
Elite Proxy


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