How to succeed in written examination

Every one of us must have faced the nightmare of exams! Those deadly questions have always troubled us since our childhood! Now if you want your kid to be great and fid during its written examination or you are among those teenagers who are still under the ‘threat’ of examination, you really need some tips to overcome the stressful condition of written examination. If you understand the basics, you can easily tackle any sort of anxiety or burden that you have just before your exams are scheduled.

Let us see some of the effective ways on how to succeed in written examination:-

Tip 1: The best part is to prevent yourself of getting so nervous. You have got the whole one year before reaching the final exams and hence, you need to prepare throughout the year. If you have paid a serious attention during that academic year, you feel less stressed since you have already gone through every syllabus. So, pay attention to study and regularly spend some hours to it.

Tip 2: Many students think that if they smoke, they can remember everything! This is nothing but a myth! Had it been truth, every student would have a cigarette in his/her hand enjoying every puff and also the rank in results! It is not true that smoking can just sharpen your brain! In fact, you should give up smoking and drinking that may depress the mood.

Tip 3: It is your written examination and hence, you should prepare it writing! Write down the answers those are so important and possible to come in examination paper. Writing makes you to remember easily than reading or just cramming.

Tip 4: Stop eating outside and take care of your health. If you fall ill, your confidence level goes and you may not do good job during written examination.

Tip 5: You can bank on some nutritional and herbal supplements that claim that they boost memory. Herbs such as Bacopa and Licorice are believed to boost memory and can be taken some months before examination.


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