How to Store Your Gold Jewelry

tgj If you want your gold jewelry to look new then you should take proper care of them. You should clean them whenever they become dirty. It is also very essential to know how to store your gold jewelry. The right way of storing gold ornaments ensure that they don’t get damaged.

Store Gold Jewelry Individually

While storing your gold jewelry make sure that you store every item of gold jewelry individually. You should not store all the pieces of jewelry together or else they will get ugly scratch marks. You would never want your gold jewelry to get tainted with marks. Thus, it would be a wise idea to store your gold trinkets in separate boxes provided for them.

Store Gold in Dry Boxes

If you take good care of your gold jewelry and store them properly then you will hardly need to spend time in cleaning them. Thus, you have to protect your gold ornaments from getting badly scratched by other ornament pieces. You also need to keep the jewelry in a dry environment by placing silica bags in your ornament box.

Make it a point to keep gold ornaments away from substances such as rubber bands that produce sulfur. When rubber bands become old they break down to give off sulfur. Therefore, if you fasten your jewelry packages with sulfur-producing rubber bands then you will only quicken the process of tarnishing. You should also not use cardboard boxes, plastic cling wraps, and newspapers to store your gold jewelry because they produce sulfur.

Gold Care

You can also keep your jewelry individually in different airtight plastic bags. If you keep the jewelry dry then you will ensure that the alloy metals in your gold do not get sufficient oxygen to react with one another. If you want to store a thin gold chain then lay it flat on an anti-tarnish tissue and roll it up. Keep it flat in your jewelry box and it will not get tangled.


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