How To Stop Your Children From Playing Excess Video Game

vga Do you worry about your children who play video games whenever they get time? Does your kid play video games while eating, doing homework and even sleeping? Do you want to control your child from playing too much video game?

Well, it’s true that today children have become self-centered and they don’t like to play in group of other children and prefer playing video games where they feel full liberty. If you want to control your child’s habit of playing excess video games, you can practice the mentioned tips to tackle the problem with ease.

1-    First, you must try to spend sufficient time with your kids to avoid their loneliness. Generally, parents are busy with their duties and other works and don’t spend even a single hour with their children so the kids become habitual of playing video games to enjoy their leisure time. Thus, keep some hours save for your children!

2-    Second thing that you can do is to let your child go out to play some other games, such as hockey, cricket, hide & seek game and many more kid- games that they like. If you try to hold them in home, they would surely play video games as playing is the nature of children.

3-    When you find your children playing video games every time, you should not scold them badly or snatch their games. Rather than doing such activities, sit near them and smoothly tell them about the harmful effects of playing excess video game. Once you catch the mind of your kid, it would become easy to control his habit of playing video games too much.

4- Stop purchasing video games and even ask your relatives and friends not to offer video games as birthday gifts and other gifts. Instead of buying video games, you must buy bat-ball, badminton, football and other sports items for your children. You can even send your children to any play-club to increase their interests in other gaming activities.

5-Last important tip to control your children from playing video game is to help them join other activities including drawing, swimming, dancing, singing and other deeds that would even enhance their personalities.

Well, I hope that with the help of these tips, you can easily control your children from playing excess video games without making a bad impact in their minds!


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