How to stop worrying

worrying Many of us spend a lot of time in unnecessary brooding. Brooding not only leaves us with a sense of gloom, but is counter-productive. It eats away a lot of precious time and we end up doing precious little when we are overtaken with our gloomy, brooding phase. There are many ways in which one can overcome stress and stop worrying.

Recharge your energy– When you are feeling low, take time out of your routine. Do not linger on in the same surroundings that depress you. Instead, try going to a different location. A change of place will brighten up your mood and be good for your well being. You can even refresh yourself by going for a swim, playing a game of tennis or such other sport that interests you.

Exercise: Many people hit the gym when they are feeling particularly low. Giving your body a workout means you are willing yourself to push the limits and endure the tough routine. This endurance and exercise will also make a positive impact on your state of mind. It will cleanse away negative thoughts and get rid of lethargy. In this way, working out while feeling low also helps a lot to relieve the stress.

Read books: When everything else fails, it is a good idea to go to a nice, quiet park with a book that you have thoroughly enjoyed in the past and start re-reading it. Select something light, if not outright humorous to read when you are feeling low or depressed. Reading heavy stuff will only make you more morose and pull you mood down further.

Listen to music: Music indeed has very soothing and healing properties. Research shows that listening to good music can calm the nerves and help to decrease stress in no time. For these reasons, putting on a good music CD is also a good idea.


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