How to stop using abusive words

abusive Using abusive words during a fight or disagreement can hurt someone more deeply than the fight itself.  The abusive word may be something that we do not even mean, however, the utterance of the word may do a lot more harm to the relationship.  Abusive words are demeaning and disrespectful, and it is better to do away with it.

Reason out what causes you to use the words.  It may be provocation by others, calling you names, lack of other words to describe the other person and so on.  Be aware of the moments or events that lead you to use swear words, and keep it on your mind.  The moment you feel the situation arising, steel yourself and make an effort to not use swear words.

Tell yourself ‘stop’, ‘don’t say it’, ‘abusing doesn’t help’, ‘just hold back’, ‘don’t give in’ and so on.  Exercising self-restraint and control, along with determination and will power will enable you to bring the change you want to see in yourself.

Use the reward and punishment method for changing your habit.  Everytime you say an abusive word, chastise or punish yourself by not eating the chocolate you crave for or by writing down (or reciting in your mind with eyes closed) that you will never repeat the word again, 100 times.  Whenever you do succeed in controlling yourself from blurting out the word, praise yourself and reward yourself.  This will motivate you to work towards controlling the habit even further.

Find out other funny, non-offending words to express your anger rather saying swear words.  Most of the times, we do not even mean the swear word we use.  Use a more relevant and apt word that does convey your feeling or anger, but is not offending at the same time.

Do not use the swear word since all the peers use it or it is fashionable to do so.  Be aware of the people you are in touch with, and the influence they have on you.  Sometimes you just stick on to these words as people around you are using it constantly.


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