How to stop smoking

smoking The harmful effects of smoking are well documented, although there exists considerable debate if smoking can indeed be blamed for all the ill effects attributed to it. The use of tobacco is centuries old with several ancient civilizations depicting the use of tobacco. More recently, the attribution of harmful side effects to tobacco- active or passive- by medical research has led to bans on the use of tobacco in public places. How do you break the habit?

The  start

It pays to start by figuring out why you started using tobacco in the first place. Maybe you started because your role models smoked, maybe you started so that you can look cool, maybe as a sign of rebelliousness, maybe just for kicks. However, nicotine has a habit of slowly catching you within its tentacles and leading you to an addiction.

Think over whether the reason you started to smoke still hold good and if you can achieve that through alternate means. Do you still need to smoke to mimic anyone when you have a personality of your own?


Nicotine can be addicting and has to be treated as such. It is not easy to break a habit that can cause intense withdrawal symptoms or cravings. It is a test of one’s will to withstand those cravings, and believe me, all the help in the world will be welcome to beat the craving.

Learn from others

Talking to people with side effects, interacting with people who have cancer and seeing your future is helpful to understand first hand what lies in store for a smoker. However, hope is eternal and it is the rare smoker who will say ‘that could happen to me, I better stop’.


Do not shy away from seeking professional help if you are unable to kick the habit. Psychologists and psychiatrists can help in the de-addiction process. Try focusing your energy elsewhere , pick new hobbies and keep your mind engaged in activities you love.

Nicotine gums and patches are available to help break the habit. However, one must understand that the success or failure of your efforts to break the habit arise from the conviction of your mind. Others can show the way, but it is you who has to decide to travel that road and continue the travel.
Say no to that puff!


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