How to Stop Procrastinating

stop Do you know how to stop procrastinating? If you want to get rid of this bad habit then you need to read on. Follow these tips and you will surely be successful in overcoming your habit of procrastination.

It Pays to Be Rational

If you want to defeat procrastination then the first thing that you should do is think about the habit. Try to rationalize the situation. Think about the repercussions of your habit. Try to understand how bad your problem is, why you tend to postpone things, and where can this habit ultimately lead you to.

You have to admit that you are actually procrastinating, in the first place. Then understand the reasons behind your habit of delaying things. Next you have to analyze those reasons and come up with solutions. Finally you have to be determined enough to start the work that you have been avoiding. Thus, it is not that difficult. If you really want to, you can get out of the habit.

Seek Motivation

Get someone to motivate you. You can ask your spouse or best friend to keep reminding you to quit your bad habit. In this way, you will get the energy and the enthusiasm to get started and stop. Whenever you falter, there should be someone to support you and encourage you to move on.

Write Down What You Think

Take out your notebook or journal and do this if you want to get out of the habit of procrastinating. If you pen down your thoughts then you can have better control of them. All you need to do is spare five to ten minutes of your time. Write down your reasons for postponing things.

You should come up with about five reasons and then try to analyze them. You may be able to support some reasons while others can be silly excuses.
If most of the reasons are only weak excuses then you will understand that you are wasting your own time.


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