How to stay in shape this holiday season?

Holidays are such occasions that let you loosen up and you forget any strictness and restriction that is posed upon you. Thus it is the only time when the people start gaining weight like crazy and it is long when they finally realize what is happening to their body. In that fun and frolic mood, who cares what you are eating, how much calories you are consuming, how much resting and laziness forms up ion the body. It is very late when we actually realize the consequence of the overjoyed mood has done and then it becomes next to impossible for us to lose weight.

And then the next move is to go to the slimming centers and start to exercise heavily, which is heavy on the pockets too. Eating delicious food is not bad but taking in too much calories in the name of celebrations is bad. There are so many holidays’ goodies that tempt you to savor them such as the sweets, breads and gravy and what not. All you need to do is to be careful of what you are having and in what quantity. This means you should realize what it is, that you are taking into your mouth. Its better be on the healthy side.



Do not lose weight but maintain the weight you have. You just need to watch the amounts you are taking in. even if you like a particular thing do not over eat it. Eat small plates till you are content and not full.


Stay active; get yourself involved in some fun activities with your family that ways you will be exercising and enjoying both. The two things will then handled by one blow. You wont know it but you are working out simultaneously.


Do not let yourself starve to death, but let you top have at least 4 to 5 meals a day. That ways you will not starve but the meals should be small. So no over eating also, as the meals will let you be content and will stop you from over indulgence.

Bhrat Brij

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