How to stay close to your teen

teen When your child goes through teenage, you are sure to be overcome with anxiety. You are worried that he may fall into bad company, get into unhealthy relationships and the consequence may be a sudden downfall in the academics. Many parents also feel completely shut off when a teenager starts exploring life on his own.

He gets more and more engrossed in his won circle of friends and have little time to pay attention to family. Nothing remains the same anymore. You wonder how you can bridge the sudden gap. There are a few things you can do to still strike a chord in your teen’s life and make your presence felt.

Remember, worrying is okay, but only to a certain extent. Do you let your anxiety to go out of bounds? You may appear overtly anxious to your child and this may put him off. They are very soon going to step into adulthood, become majors and they see continuous monitoring and prodding questions as a direct hit on their independence.

Draw the line somewhere. If you are anxious what kind of friends your teenaged son or daughter roams about with, sponsor a huge party and drop in to have a chat. You may get a fair idea about the company your child keeps this way.

Try and familiarize yourself with the kind of things your teen likes. Get a feel of the music he is hooked on, the books he reads and the serials he follows. This will give you more things to talk about. You will realize that your child has suddenly decreased talking to you only because he cannot find topics to discuss, because of your vastly different tastes. Once you show interest in things of his genre, he will definitely enjoy discussing things he is passionate about with you.


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