How to solve the problem of cracked feet?

cracked Summer as well as winter season both are quite dry and harsh for the skin.  Lots of moisture from the skin is carried away by air having low humidity levels.  In these seasons not only your skin feels dry and itchy but your feet also crack up.  Cracking of feet is a very old problem for many of us. 

Some of us also suffer from deep cracking that even makes it difficult for us to walk or stand on our feet for long.  Your feet may also get infected if you do not take proper care of them at the right time.  So in this article you will learn how you can keep your feet soft and smooth through out year.

Things you’ll need:

•    Olive Oil
•    Crazy Glue
•    Cotton Socks
•    Pumice Stone
•    Gentle Soap



In order to keep your feet clean and tidy you will have to take proper care of them or else they may get infected.  To keep them clean, use a gentle soap and form some lather with the help of water.  Do not use strong scent as they are not good for your skin and may cause irritation.


Try to moisturize your feet twice a day.  Whenever you wash your feet, pat it dry with a towel and apply moisturizer on it.

Step 3

Whenever you apply moisturizer on your feet, you must make sure that you wear a pair of cotton socks over it so as to lock moisture.  Do not go for the woolen socks if you have dry skin.  Most of the moisturizers thick in content are the better option for people who have dry skin.

Step 4

Opt for the moisturizers containing cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil and Calendula oil.  All these ingredients are quite helpful in maintaining the right amount of moisture on your feet and keep them away from cracking.

Step 5

Exfoliating your skin and your feet from time to time using a pumice stone is quite helpful in removing dead skin that has been deposited on them since you scrubbed last time.  You can use natural scrubber or can purchase a readymade scrubber in the market.

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