How to Solve Crosswords

crw Crossword is an extremely popular game not only among children, but also among adults. The game involves an expert knowledge of vocabulary and obviously patience. It is not a very tough game. Rather crossword is much easier than many other games. However, the game, crossword is not only a game for time pass; you also get to learn many new words through this game and improve your vocabulary knowledge.

Children should always practice crosswords to improve their vocabulary and gain knowledge about words. The practice of crosswords also helps you learn different usages of different words. Here are some useful tips on how to solve crosswords and become an expert of the game. Check out the guidelines and you will surely be benefited.

1.    Make it a habit of solving crosswords and practice it at a regular basis. May be initially you won’t be able to solve more than 10 words or even less. However, you have to have patience and practice it everyday. After some days you will solve definitely more words and improve on it.

2.    While solving crosswords, you must always keep a dictionary with you so that you can consult meanings of words with it. Dictionary helps a lot to learn new words and solve crosswords. Initially those will be new words, however after some days you will be able solve those words very easily without the help of the dictionary.

3.    The abbreviations are also very important while solving crosswords. You will find various abbreviations in the dictionary itself. However, you can also buy a book on the abbreviations to learn more. Abbreviations are very interesting to solve and also very easy, once you learn it.

4.    You have to practice the synonyms of every word possible. And while solving the crosswords, you have to remember the right synonym of the word that fits the check boxes and match with the other corresponding words.


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