How to Shine Your Shoes

shinyshoes The shoes look really gorgeous when you buy them from the store. But after some days of use, the glow is lost and dullness appears on the surface of the shoes. In fact the polluted weather around us makes the shoes look dull covering them with dust. So, you must take care of your shoes and clean them at a regular basis to maintain the glow and the shine of the shoes.

Here are some very effective tips on how to shine your shoes and keep them just as new. Check out the guidelines which will surely help you take care of your shoes and boots and retain the shine for a long time.

1. The first thing you need to do is to clean the surface of the shoes. Since it is the shoes that face the dirty streets most, the surface of the shoes get entirely covered with dust and dirt. You can use a wet piece of cloth or a shoeshine brush to clean the dust from the shoes.

2. Now you have to select the right color of cream or wax for brushing the shoes. The color should correctly match with the leather color of the shoes.

3. After deciding on the shoe cream, take a shoe polish brush and apply a considerable amount of shoe polish cream on the surface of the shoes. Move the brush in a circular motion over the shoes and continue this process for sometime. When the leather gets covered with a dull coating of the polish, stop brushing. You can also use an unused tooth brush to reach the spots that are deep enough or folded.

4. After brushing the shoes with cream you have to put the shoes in a place for drying. After around 15 minutes, when the polish dries over the skin of the shoes, take a shoeshine brush and brush the shoes for a few minutes.

5. After that use a piece of cotton cloth to rub on the shoes to bring back the actual shine and glow on the shoes.


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