How to shave

shave A man has to shave, whether he likes it or not. It has become an integral part of every man’s life. Shaving is a good way to exfoliate the skin. It removes all the dead cells on the face. Some men dislike shaving and tend to leave their facial hair as it is for long periods of time. This is because they are unaware of the correct techniques used in shaving that reduces scars, cuts and bruises on the face. Here’s how to shave like a professional!

1) Wash your face with soap or face wash before shaving. Better use an exfoliating cream, as this will neutralize any infections that might be happen due to nicks or cuts. Your beard will also become softer and ideal for shaving.

2) If your beard does not soften that fast, then you can also use a cloth, preferably a towel dipped in warm water to dab your beard. This will soften your beard considerably.

3) Use branded shaving cream. Put some shaving cream onto your palm and apply it in even upward circular strokes over your neck and beard. Make the cream as uniform as possible all across the shaving area.

4) If you are using a razor, then try to use a new one for every shave. This is a good practice and will give you a painless, error-free shave.

5) To shave your beard that is on your face, start of with downward strokes, from the top section of your facial beard to the edge of your jaw-line. Use smooth controlled shaving movements.

6) To shave your neck and chin, start from your neck and move up to your chin in smooth, controlled upward strokes

7) To shave your upper lip, stretch it over your front teeth. Use downward movements to shave the area.

8) You will have to rinse your razor now and then to keep it free from hair.

9) After the shave, wash your face with water, and check for any unshaved regions on your face. If yes, then repeat the shave.

10) You can use a moisturizer or a non-alcohol based aftershave to complete the shaving process.


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