How to Settle in a New City

nhu Are you staying single in a new city? You probably are sharing an apartment with one or two roommates, but mostly you remain alone! But that shouldn’t keep you from settling happily and taking care of yourself in this new place! Here are a few tips for you to help settle in a new place.

1. Refrain from undertaking any major revamp of your apartment, because, for all you know, you might not be staying in the same place for long.

2. Use multi-purpose furniture like sofa-cum-bed in your home, which can serve the dual purpose of a comfortable sofa and a relaxing bed as well.

3. Cloth wall racks can come handy for storing plenty of stuff. Besides, these are easy to clean and easily transportable.

4. As for seating arrangements, plastic chairs can be a great choice if you already know you’re not going to stick around in this place for long. Mats can also be quite handy, as they can be rolled away when not used.  Use some cushions to add a decorative touch to the mats.

5. Make sure you have at least 2-3 sets of bed linen and bath linen in your apartment.

6. Instead of spending a fortune on heavy drapes, opt for Venetian blinds for windows. These are handy and easy to clean.

7. Get a washing machine to make the washing process a lot easier for you. Over long haul, it will also prove cost effective compared to recurrent laundry bills.

8. Cover kitchen platforms and cupboard shelves with cheap countertop covers or newspaper. This way it’ll be much easier to clean the counters and shelves.

9. Another must have is some basic cooking utensils, including pans, pots, spoons, knives, and forks.

10. Get a water purifier to keep your drinking water clean and germ free.

11. If you’re staying alone, buying a mini fridge can be a good idea to store everyday food essentials like bread, milk, juices, eggs, etc.


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