How to set up a picture or wallpaper on your desktop?

wpp Today everyone owns a computer and we use it every day for basics purposes. As the time passes by we get bored off the same plain screen that we see every day.

As we style ourselves we can also style our computer or laptop and add a personalized touch on its appearance so that it also reflects your style and thoughts.

Making you computer look beautiful and colorful is very easy. You can set a picture of your favorite actor or idol as your computer background in matter of seconds.  In this article you will learn how easily you can set up any picture as computer background.


Step 1

It is very easy to set up a wallpaper of your choice on your computer. Our computer comes with basic wallpaper but if you want to have new variety you can search the internet and download the wallpaper you need.

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the wallpaper all you need to do is go on the wallpaper location. Right click on it and you will see an option saving “set the picture as desktop back ground”.

Step 3

The computer will automatically set it as your background. You can even choose any picture of yours and set it as your desktop background in the same manner. While setting a background you need to keep few things in mind.

Step 4

As we set any picture as our desktop background the size of the image is enlarged to the size of desktop so make sure while choosing a picture, it is clear and not a zoomed picture as setting it as background will further zoom it and it will become blurred and unclear.

Also you can set or change the resolution of the screen by going into the control panel and clicking on personalize and changing the resolution of the screen according to your need.

Bhrat Brij

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