How to set a unique business plan?

wbpl Establishment of new enterprise requires sheer hard work, perseverance and forethought on the part of the entrepreneur. Locating the sources to arrange for funds is a herculean task especially if it is a first time experience.

If venture capital seems to be a feasible option, a personal interaction is a must if you want to obtain funds without any delay. Getting an appointment may not that easy as these capitalists are extremely busy and have long list of appointments which were scheduled much earlier than yours.

They go through innumerable business proposals each day and the key to make yours stand apart from the rest is making it unique.

It becomes paramount for you to write perfect business proposals and keep the other papers in order to avoid cutting a sorry figure if appointment is scheduled on short notice.


1.    Draft an appealing business summary in a manner which grabs the attention of the capitalists.

2.    Give the necessary information in brief. Avoid trivial details. In general a two page summary should suffice. You can probably go for a convincing power point slide presentation but bear the time aspect in mind.

3.    Highlight the feasible plan that is sure to click your business in the first part of the summary. Cite reasons and manners which can make your business successful.

4.    Include necessary information on business model that you have adopted for your venture. Give details about ways to earn revenue through a compelling sales model.

5.    Provide details regarding niche market, market size, consumer groups and marketing strategies related to market subsets, direct sales, sales channels etc.

6.    Set out data regarding expected returns, sales, number of customers, product pricing on a monthly or quarterly basis. In the end give an analysis of cash flow from the expected rate of returns calculated on the above lines.

Bhrat Brij

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