How to Set a Coffee Table?

coffi Both in a formal and a casual gathering, a tidy and appealing coffee table set-up is an essential. Coffee table dressing up and preparation for the snacks are both important while preparing a small coffee party.

Unlike a tea party, coffee table is a lot more subtle and aristocratic. It includes the kind of table-cloth used, the flowers, and the vase and of course the side dishes.

Choosing the right table cloth

Try to select a bright but subtle colour for table cloth. Colours of the shades of white like Cream, Light Brown to pure White Linen laced at the sides add charm to any sophisticated Coffee table.


Like the table cloth, even the choice of flowers should be bright and sunny. Yellow or white flowers along with soft lilies or Orchids add a soothing affect to the coffee party. In case of a romance-over-coffee-for-two, a single red rose is all you need for the effect.


Unlike tea setting with saucers and cups, use big coffee mugs for an informal invite. You can replace it with aristocratic Bone China dishes and cups for a more formal gathering. Place the coffee pot and other side dishes in the centre of the coffee table with small serving plates in front of each sitting.


Sandwiches, especially, Puff Sandwiches, are a must for a coffee setting. Generally, cheese and Chicken puffs go well with coffee. One can also settle freshly prepared Vegetable Sandwiches and Bacon and egg Sandwiches.


Unlike a tea setting, where light biscuits are a must, Cookies go well with Coffee. Chocolate biscuits and cream cookies are also a favourite.

Baked desserts

Coffee always calls in for baked desserts like Pastries and small cakes. Muffins and donuts are also served with coffee.

One can also add ketchup, whipped cream and Cheese spread for Brown breads, Garlic breads etc. and dips for the snacks.


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