How to Serve Champagne

sch With its bubbly fizz and festive sparkle, champagne is a wine for special celebrations and holidays. Whether you are celebrating an occasion or simply indulging in a good bottle of wine, here are the tips you should know about serving champagne in style.

Serving sparkling wine and champagne perfectly is no mean task – it takes some amount of dexterity, concentration, and sufficient practice to remove the cork softly, cool the wine to the correct temperature, and keep it in the glass and off your guests. If you’re the one who’s doing the serving, these pointers should help you out doing just that.

Step 1: Refrigerate the champagne for 3-4 hours, or chill the bottle in an ice bucket containing a mixture of half ice and half water for nearly 30 minutes. The taste and aroma of champagne is brought out best if kept at a temperature of about 45 degrees.

Step 2: Remove as much foil from the neck of the bottle as is necessary to remove the twisted-wire cap. Place your finger over the cork, preventing it from popping out involuntarily.

Step 3: The trick to opening up a bottle of champagne is turn the bottle while holding the cork. Hold the bottle in such a way that it makes 45-degree angle pointing away from yourself and other people. The cork should ease off quietly, with a “sigh.” This way you’ll be able to preserve more carbon dioxide in the bottle. You wouldn’t want to waste them because it is the carbon dioxide bubbles that make champagne so special.

Step 4: Use a clean linen to wipe the neck of the bottle before pouring.

Step 5: Serve champagne in tall flute or tulip-shaped glasses. Pour about an inch into the glasses and wait for the fizz to settle. Pour again, being careful not to over-fill the glasses. Put the bottle into the ice bucket again until you serve the next round.

Enjoy champagne as a toast, as an aperitif, or even with fresh fruit for dessert.


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