How to Send Business Greeting Cards

bgc When you have to send business greeting cards during the holiday season to your clients and business associates, you have to be very particular about certain things.

You have to bear in mind the etiquette and the simple rules for sending business greeting cards. You have to make a list of those people to who, you want to send the cards. Find out how to send business greeting cards.

Rules of Sending Corporate Greeting Cards

You have to be very particular about selecting a particular type of corporate greeting card and you should know what to write on the envelope. Corporate greeting cards have certain functions. They can help in drawing new customers, while boosting your business relationships with your current clients.

They can act as reminders of your business to your old clients and help in expressing your appreciation towards them. Therefore, you should be aware of the rules involved in sending business greeting cards.

Maintain your List

You should be very particular about updating your list. Add all the correct addresses and names in the list. Do this in advance so that you don’t get panicky just before the holidays. If you do this regularly then you will be able to know when a particular client shifts to another residence. In this way you would not mail the card to the wrong address.

Choose Superior Quality Cards

It is always essential to invest in good quality cards. You should never buy business greeting cards of cheap quality as that would mean that you have no respect for your clients. If your business card is good then it will reflect your taste as well as the fact that you value your business associates and clients.

Address Properly

You should write the address with your own hands instead of typing it. Make sure to add a title before name, like Mr. or Mrs. This creates a good impression on the clients. Your handwritten signature at the end of the note inside the card is a must. You should keep these rules in mind before sending cards.


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