How to sell your old car?

hso It does not matter what kind of shape, state and form your car is in , you can always get a great price if you sell your used car on the Internet.  Of course it will generate you more profit if you maintain your car properly and get it serviced regularly.

The engine, state and model of your car also with affect the kind of money you will receive in return after selling it to a customer online.  In this article you can learn various ways through which you can sell your old car at a great price.


Step 1

Look out for the blue book value.  It is a catalog in which you will get information about all the old and new cars available for sale at various places.

Step 2

Search in the classified or in the local newspaper to look for an auto-trader publication in your local area.  If you can also look out for different people whom you can approach in order to get a good value for your car in the Yellow Pages or your telephone directory.

Step 3

You can also take the help of the Internet which is a very good medium off getting you a great value for your old car.  You can place your add or create a website through which people can learn about your old car.  You must mention your contact number and e-mail address so that they can contact you directly to negotiate the rate you are offering them.

Step 4

You can also get considerable amount of publicity through the word of mouth.  Tell your friends and relatives about your plan to sell your old car so that they can spread it further to their friends and can get you a better deal.

Bhrat Brij

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