How to sell your Home using the services of a real estate agent?

salee Looking out for an agent competent enough to get the best price for your house may not seem to be an easy job.

Step 1: Developing some contacts who have already sold their homes within the neighborhood, friends and family so on and so forth could be right start.

Step 2: Get the required details like the address, contact number and approximate costs.  In some localities, there are offices which handle real estate business. One can approach them and get some recommendations for an agent who would suit your criterion.

Step 3: Try to take down the number and names of as many agents you can.

Step 4: The next step is to contact one of the agents and invite him or her to your place. At this stage, you need to give your minimum and the maximum price offer besides negotiating the compensation that you would pay to the agent.

Step 5: Discuss and at the same time make a note of the features and qualities that best describe your house.  Hand over this information to the agent who can make an attractive advertisement that could invite more buyers.

Step 6: On the other hand it you get the feeling that the agent does not seem to be capable enough to get a good price for your house, you can politely express your thanks to the agent for the meeting and move on with the next agent that appears in your list.

Step 7: Once you have got the agent who just seems apt for the job, you need to build up the trust and commit yourself to the final negotiations you and the agent have finally decided.

To avoid future discrepancies, it would be a better idea to have a legal agreement that clearly lays down the liabilities, amount of the compensation besides the terms and conditions to which both you parties have agreed upon.

Bhrat Brij

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