How to sell products through online buzzing?

om Internet has overshadowed the traditional methods of buying and selling which is primarily restricted to a defined land area such as a mall, town center, fair or exhibition, boutique or showroom. One always had to travel all the way to the shop or outlet to make the purchases.

Online marketing has simplified purchases and sales. Both consumers and marketers seem to mutually benefit from fast and convenient transaction process.

This powerful medium has in the recent times facilitated development of online buzz marketing. This latest entrant in the virtual world of internet has soon soared to great heights of popularity.

Given here are some instructions to effectively use buzz marketing technique:

1.    Buzz marketing, also known as Viral marketing, is nothing but word of mouth publicity done online. As the term “viral” suggests; this marketing procedure involves spreading awareness of a product or service to another individual through warm contact. Weigh the pros and cons of using blogs or chats to communicate about the product.

2.    Word of mouth publicity has the advantage of being more authentic and convincing than other online marketing gimmicks. Ensure that unfair practices are not followed to promote the product. Install a system to manage and evaluate communication data.

3.    Identify key communicators who have sufficient contacts. Give appropriate information to key communicators so that they review the product in a great way.

4.    Online buzz marketing is unique as it involves conversation between individuals which not only has a personal touch but also is more effective. Emphasize on product aspects which appeal to the people to stimulate desired response.

5.    The efficacy of buzz marketing is the outcome of human psychological research. Buddies of a group should be more expressive when it comes to human emotions as it can influence the communicators immensely.

6.    Check if proper formalities have been complied in relation to chatting, blogging etc.

Bhrat Brij

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