How To Sell a Book To a Publisher

pbo Selling a book to a publisher is not always easy. It requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, and conviction. Successful authors understand the pulse of the market.

They write books that the readers want to read. It is not surprising that most bestsellers have something novel to offer to the readers.

Different readers have different needs. This also depends on their geographic location. A book written with the English countryside may appeal more to an overseas reader than a reader resident in England.

Likewise different books may appeal to different age groups. Books may be written to different genre. It can be fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, horror, children, management, research, facts, hypothesis, drama, romance etc.

The title is often an underestimated aspect of a book. Often the content is as important as the title. Essentially books are written to educate, enlighten, and entertain.

So how does one get one’s book published? Unless you have your own publishing house, you will have to understand what publishers want. Publishers want books with a core subject that will create a ripple in the readership community. It could also be an oft-beaten subject, but told in a never-told-like-this before manner.

– The first step is to find an agent. If you can arrange for an agent, who has contacts with major publishing houses, then you have a chance to get a break in the tough publishing world.

In these times, publishing houses have turned more professional and profitable in their motive. Selling them a book will not be easy, unless you sit with your agent and do your homework.

– Find out from friends, relatives, and writers if they can provide a reference of a publishing house. Try to get in touch with writers at various writer forums and get crucial leads. If you have the confidence, then you might as well step into a publishing house and seek your way through.

– Get an account on business networking sites, online writers forums etc. Understand the nuances of book publishing, the process, the fallouts etc. Try to build your network of writers, publishers etc.

– Write regularly for newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. Try to gain visibility in the media. You will understand how the audience reacts to your write-ups.

– Follow recent book releases. Read their reviews. Write them if you can. Understand which books get published, why and by whom.


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