How to select return gifts for a party

gifts Throwing parties is a tedious business. There are so many things that have to be looked after. Even after the party is over, there is a lot of winding up work to do. When the guests are on their way back home after having a good time, it makes good sense to hand over a special return gift to your guests who have taken time out of their busy schedule and graciously accepted your invitation. There are a number of return gift ideas. Here are some things that you can give as return-gifts in a party:

A jewellery box: A small jewellery box will make for a thoughtful return-gift. These days, many different varieties of jewellery boxes are available in the market. From compact cloth pouches, to useful plastic bags, to the more expensive wooden jewellery boxes, the options are innumerous. Select one that suits your budget.

Bone China: A piece of nice kitchen vessel will make for a very useful gift. You can gift a small box to store mouth-fresheners, or a ceramic dish to float flowers as a return gift.

Chocolates: These make for very simple, no-fuss return-gifts. Wrap up some chocolates in a piece of decorative net and tie some colorful ribbons for a pretty effect. This return-gift will especially be a hit with children.

Books: A very good idea is to take out all the books that you have read and want to give-away. Some people donate books to library or schools, but most often, many don’t re-read a book after having read it once. Before your guests leave, ask them to take a pick and select a book for themselves. This will make for a very thoughtful return gift.

Plants: Many nurseries have small decorative plants like cacti and other indoor varieties that need very little maintenance and are potted in small, easy to carry pots. These do not cost much either and it would be a good idea to hand out some nice, healthy cuts as return-gifts.


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